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Saturday, December 7, 2013

How about a class action suit against Nctq and Fordham Fondation

I've heard of one college of education where faculty have been told they must follow the NCTQ guidelines for their reading courses.
 See my August post above for a description of this power grab by the Thomas B Fordham Foundation.

I've asked people involved to let me know if they are told they can't use reading texts listed as unacceptable by NCTQ. If you know of any attempt to use the NCTQ ratings to limit or eliminate any texts please let me know.

Ironically we can't go to court to restrain use of NCTQ guidleines because they are bad. But we can sue if they are causing loss of income. Furthermore any authors of a  text rated unacceptable could join such s auit because they have legal standing for the same reason.

Who would join me in such a suit? This is a way to change the conversation and prhaps turn the tide,