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Thursday, June 20, 2013

More proof of whose knowleldge counts

Welcome all!
Thanks to the self-anointed evaluators of teacher quality many of the widest range of authorities on beginning reading instruction have now joined the list of authors of unacceptable texts on reading for teachers. We were a somewhat exclusive club for a while- those banned in California and Texas. But membership is now open and those who are newly finding themselves on this growing list will find they aare among a fine group of knowledgable educators. Many are members the Reading Hall of Fame. Past presidents of IRA, NCRLL, NCTE are also now included.
And for those out there who actually found one or more of their works found “acceptable” don’t give up. You stand a good chance of being on the next expanding list.
In press is a book sponsored by te Reading Hallof Fame, : Whose Knowledge counts in Government Literacy Policies. Editor Goodman, Calfee, and Goodman. AWatch for announcements from Routledge.