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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Global warming? Whose knowledge counts?

Cherry Blossoms are a month early in DC. In Tucson this morning it may have dropped below freezing. Our citrus are loaded with opening blossoms and I have delicate camelias in full bloom in my court yard. Not to mention two azalea bonsais ready to bloom.
All last week our high daily tempertures were above 80

And still there are decision makers who doubt that global warming is a proven phenomenon

Here is anther example of the disdain in the political world for knowledge, scholarship,or just plain truth.
I'm editing a book for the Reading Hall of Fame based on presentations at several professional conferences during 2011. The chapters document that the same disdain for authority in mandating reading policy is happening all over the world. The World Bank and USAID is funding the EGRA( Distarr) in African , Asian  and Latin American languages. Expensive testing in many countries shows that kids can't read nonsense either in colonial languages or in their own native tongue.Duh!

In France, Germany and Portugal the same pedagogy of the absurd as in the English speaking countries is being  being imposed as part of a widespread attempt to privatize education.

On the other hand perhaps the forces of absurdity may have over reached. They have come to believe their own lies to the point where they are making clear to teachers and and public workers all over  that they have to enter the political arena. Remember it was the Wisconsin teachers occupying their state capitol that precipitated the occupy movement across America.

As my sister used to quote Alice :the world is getting curiouser and curiouser

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