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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting government out of the way

Tuesday 9/20/2012
As I’ve been working on the Hall of Fame book” Whose knowledge counts in  Government literacy policies.” Something finally came together for me.

The basic political aim of the military industrial oligarchy is to diminish governmental controls  and taxation on their business activities. Romney ‘s only carrying out this mission. They don’t just want to limit government- in fact they want government to provide them with contracts and to protect their access to markets. What they don’t want is regulation of how they conduct their business, pay their workers, or accumulate their wealth. They want to move easily without   restrictions across borders, producing their goods where labor is cheap and selling them where prices are high without  having to support the economic, social, health and educational needs of their workers or anyone else who they don’t need as employees or consumers. And they want to stash their wealth where it costs the least to keep it there and it won’t be taxed.

This is of course the ultimate goal of capitalist economics;  and the rest of us are chumps who won’t take responsibility for ourselves. In this context anyone on  a government payroll or anyone getting support from any kind of social program is at the best of no interest and at worst an enemy.

In that "Off the cuff" speech to those fat cat donors in Florida we finally see what Romney is really running for.

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