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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ezrial starts school

I've been tellling the joke for years about the 5 year old who goes off eagerly to kindergarten the first day and comes home that afternoon and goes right into his room, When his Mom says. "How was school?" he says "I'm not going back . I can't read and write and they won't let me talk so there's nothing for me  to do there".

Yesterday was the first day of kindergarten for Ezrial Pearson my five year old great-granddaughter. And to my dismay on her second day of school she said they can't talk in class and theycan;t "talk or act silly" in the cafetorium while eating lunch either. Today the class was punished for talking- and they had to put their heads down on their arms. They had no recess and they had to march around the playground as a group.

There has been no play in this kindergarten- nor is there any play area attached to the classroom. I own a home in this Houston area district which I rent to Shoshana my granddaughter and her husband Justin and there soon to be four children. And I pay taxes to the Klein ISD and the Klenk school.

I have only Ezrial's description of the curriculum. It's all day 8:15 to 3 with no provision for nap. Ezzrial said the teacher scolded some kids who fell asleep. There's only PR on the district website and the principal has not responded to requests for an appointment. Parents are not permitted in the classroom or the cafetorium where all children are required to eat breakfast. She ate her lunch when she came home.

Ezrial is not saying she doesn't want to go to school - yet. She was so looking forward to making new friends but how can she if there is no chance to talk with them.
What do I advise her parents?
Are there any alternatives available to them in the Houston area?
The name of the district is Klein ISD and the school is really Klenk.
Has nothing been learned in three generations?


  1. My advice would be to remove this child from the school immediately and enroll her in either a charter or private school. Speaking from experience, your daughter will learn to hate school very quickly. Intervene now before it is too late.

  2. What if this is a charter school or a private school?