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Saturday, March 5, 2016

A note to the very frustrated Republicans on the hi-jackng of their party by Donald Trump.
Item 1
 You made the receptive audience he now commands:
For years you've been hiding your real agenda by framing it as something quite different.
Your real agenda is to cut taxes on the ultra rich and reduce regulation that restricts profit centered practices. You avoid any tax at all while closingout american jobs by takintake production overseas and shelter yourprofits in untaxable foreign accounts
While opposing every initiative of the President you created a mythical enemy called Washington which is somehow different then the Congress you control.
You justified below poverty wage minimums and taking aaway the social protections of the New Deal as unafforable but wrote your pork barrel into  totally unrelated bills
And you frame federal spending as somehow  bad for the working and middle class.

So there is an elctorate out there who responds to the Pey-eyed Piper who points out that you are Washington and that you are not living by beliefs you never intended to live by.

Item 2
Has it never occured to you as the sponsor of the Republican Presidential debate to set rules of decorum and common decency? Could you not have easily said that obscene language and attacks on gender, physical bodily characterists, ad hominen attacks on other candidiates or interviewers as well as uncontitutioinal proposals were not permitted and that candidtes who crossed the line would a. have their mikes cut off and b. be barred from further participation in the further debates.

Item 3
You also created an audience for Bernie Sanders.by your tactics of  buying off politicians and your flagrant disregard of the common good in your economic policies and your abandonment of the role of Congress to protect citizens from unfair bussiness practices and your treatment of our first black president with total disrespect, You have created education policies that have destroyed local control in major cities and you restricted funding only to schools that restrict the ability of teachers to use their profesional knowlledge. Five year olds are in sweat shop kindergartens with no play  and age inappropriate  methods.You ignored the rising costsof higher education and the fact that graduates are weighed dowm for lifein dwbt they can not even end with bankrupcy.
Can you wonder that our youth find truth in Bernie Sanders platform. And the word socilaism no longer frightens them.  And his candidicy has pushed Hillary CLinton much farther to the left in her campaign. You made that happen too .

It may be that the one good  thing to come out of this election is                           a political reallignment with voters getting some chance to understand who cares about them and who doesn't. Maybe we will end up with a conservative party, a tea party, a democratic socialist party. and a liberal party.

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