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Friday, December 30, 2011

On the human ability to invent language

We're finishing a short visit to Houston where we've had the joy of spending a few days with our grandaughter Shoshana who has been much studied by Yetta in her oral and written language development.

Now we have her kids, our three little great grand children, as subjects. Ezrial who will be four in January is totally conversational though she spoke in intonational patterns until past three. Juliette, who will be 2 in January has mastered English phonology, understands everything, and is becoming converstional.
Yet her most charming language is her negatives and positives. Mmhmm in rising tintonation is yes and Mmm mm with a falling intonation is no..

Little 5 month old Levi  smiles and chortles happily - and Julliette responds ":happy baby brother"
So we now have had three generations of progeny to study.
Everyone has shown a somewhat different pattern. Softa (the hebrew for grandma) is our daughter Karen whose written language development Yetta studied as she was beginning first grade. 23 month old Julliette was calling Yetta safta showing either her classifying her with Karen in her mind or seeing them as similar in features.

These are digital natives  More than once when we answered the phone we could hear the sounds of Shoshana and Justin's home. Juliette had pushed our button on the  cell phone. We've only seen the kids thorough skype for the past several months and when Shoshana told them we were coming they ran to the computer. Juli seemed perplexed with how we got out of the computer screen. Both girls are familiar with ipads, The younger went right to the single button on my model 1 and began pushing it vigorously.
Shortly she was looking at pictures and listening to music.
Ezrial  found every game and went on to the next after about 1 minute.

You can expect to hear more about the brilliant language development of these wonderful new subjects.

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