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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Welcome to my head

Unlike the closed blogs I've used to develop books and ideas with a small circle of collaborators, I intend this blog to be a platform for me to expound my personal views and interact with anyone seriously interested in discussing them. Come one come almost all. I'm not interested in being slandered, misrepresented and dragged into the gutter by those not interested in serious discussion in my own parlour, so to speak. So I'll control comments- I won't edit them but I'll be judge of what violates this rule.

That said welcome to the aging head of Ken Goodman

1 comment:

  1. Ken,

    Your mind and heart are the most provocative, insightful, vision questing, critical, and heartfelt that a leader, theorist, pioneer, teacher, father, husband, grandfather, great grandfather, mentor par excellence, and wisdom elder has/does unconditionally share/give to us!

    With age comes many gifts of wisdom, insights, lessons, experience, savvy, courage, pioneering spirit, and most of all "carino."

    I look forward daily to the sharing of your thoughts, wisdom, musings, advice, problem posing, and challenges.

    mucho carino,