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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hey I got myself up this morning.

This morning I got out of bed, used the faciltiies, took a shower and got dressed.
That may not sound like much, but one week ago I got a new right knee, A nice young tech got the shower started for me. that may not sound like much but you try getting socks on with a swollen painful knee.
I have a device called a sock aid which does the trick.

And I'm sitting here exhausted and in pain, The nurse just asked me to estimate the pain on a ten point scale and I said (ouch) eight. That got me two pain pills

I'm at a local branch of Health South which rehabilitates folks of all kinds,

I'm also entitled to speech therapy here.

The therapist offered to treat my singers nodules and raspy voice.
While some of you might agree that I need some help in this area, I persuaded my Aussie therapist that I was here for my knee.

I think now I'll go back to bed and relish my triumph,'


  1. Great to here you are achieving so much in such s short time. Maybe you should have let that Aussie therapist work on you voice. You might have ended up sounding like us down under! It's Australia Day here today. Lots of flag flying and celebrations, reading Aussie poetry and bush ballads.
    Happy Australia Day Ken.
    Love Jan

  2. Hi Ken,
    Love your post. Especially how you use your current personal experience of having access to the best that medical science has to offer to make us conscious of the attacks on social equity which a privileged elite is gradually foisting on the 99% of your fellow citizens. As someone from a culture which has a deeply entrenched ethic of 'a fair go for all' etched into its national psyche I find it difficult to understand why Obama's proposals for increased medical coverage for the poor and disadvantaged failed to get support in congress.
    On a lighter side: I have to admit to a miscue when I first read your title for this piece. My first 'reading' was " How I got up myself this morning', which means something different down her in Oz. I did a quick rescan and silent self- correction, triggered (I think) by background knowledge that you are definitely NOT someone who ( as we say down her in Oz)"Get up himself'!!!.